Current Log

May 2006

Fantasy stocks, podcasting, podcasting

April 2006

Windows Macs, Cramer, Butta, EC and fiction, iMacs and RC cars on eBay, Island City Monsters, the Herd and Air Force One

March 2006

Spore, Tom on Mark and Mercedes, What Documentation, Insane Photo Race, Separation from Jim Cramer, Desert Air, WeFunk Funding Drive Show

February 2006

Barbalet the Bounty Hunter, Ian Kitajima, Puppy Bowl, Word is Tshirts, Dynamic Strings, Andy Phelps interview, Intellectual Orcs, Distant WeFunk, Meeting Bruce Damer and Todd Furmanski, Memories of Smiles, Dynamic Strings, Grand/Wilcox, Dana Plato, Mushroom Boy, Barbalat, Google down

January 2006

Hyper Head, Keynaan, Computer Party, Greentree, Old Cast, Big Cat, Montreal of Dreams, Cat Karma, Mailout, SUP, SiteMap'in, Polygons, Schmuck Quest

December 2005

Profound and WeFunk 400, Malek gifts, Battling Matrices, Noble Bag, Electrons to Atoms, GCC, Backyard Flooding, Backgrounding, More on Packer and Tim Shell, Top 10 Comedy Central, Adult Swim Doom, Dave Kerr and Joe Rheaume interview, Noble threads, More on Tim Shell, Kirill not in Nottingham, Holiday in Baghdad, Worst of 2005

November 2005

Musing on science vs religion part 2379, Charlie walk photos, Brewing home, Conventional ideas, Sense for ad sense, Mo software, Noble Inc for no profit, neglected sims, Barbalet in Vegas, CrunchTV launched, chilli poisoning, moose sick, WeFunk Show 400

October 2005

ApeScripting, Anna Wood, Tone Loc, Noble Ape 0.672, Bay Area, Quinn o' Apple, Spark v. Activision v. Spark, CHUD Tools, Google Earthin' the shed, What is life versus ALife?, FEMA ema..s, US White Dwarf, iCon history, Miss Greentree (Legal information relating to Miss Greentree [01/06]), corn(y) syrup

September 2005

Back pain, Activision, Script Censorship, Luna Kitty, Malek unplugged, Kirill wins the Slayer Sword, Kirill images, Counterfeit figures, When the Flowers Died, Theft and Footnotes

August 2005

Meadows Mall, digesting the Log, Loe Pesci's site, Alienstar, Australian terrorists, new Simulation release, MEMRI-TV, Malek's emails, beating monkey hearts, old Barbalet tracks, WeFunk ''high school'' photos, series of dot points, Pirates hijack, bohsia hip hop

July 2005

Craig Wilson, Noble Ape development musing, Brian C. Wiles, the Fab Four, Dave Kerr, CHUD, Nick Tompkins and Las Vegas Gamers Club, Downloads, Casting, Charlie and thunder, latent Potter, Malek Qtaish, Draperism, Loe Pesci's site, classic programming books

June 2005

Air mattresses, 11 years old, everything down, broadband communication, FreeEngl, Apple Now on INTEL - Barbalet now on INTEL also, woof, top ten movies over two fives, Nick Tompkins of Epicast, 10 years of Crunch, Noble Ape Simulation 0.668

May 2005

BiotaAtHome, WeFunk Live, Scripting Beta, LA Mayor Election, University Preacher Man, Back in the Dev Kitchen, Noble Galaxy, Moving Again, Parcels of Life, Me and My Hund, Local Mall, FreeEngl, Mridul P.

April 2005

De-Mac, WeFunk Funding Drive Show 1/1, Scripting, Poor QoL for Game Developers, White Paper, Zug, Charlie, More Fred Reeds, Memories of 2000, Darwin has left the building, Science vs Religion, C&W Fakers, A-Political vs Political, RC Plane, Bird Sounds Memories, Scripting News

March 2005

Mannie Fresh, Terrorist Toys, DarwinAtHome, Ape in a Kit, PMFC For Life, Desert, Ape Scripting Apes, Fever for the Viva, Department Handbook for the German Military, Open Source, WeFunk as a Public Enemy, She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, As Seen on Reality Television, Kant or Won't, Adam Savage, What Shape for Noble Ape

February 2005

New Nomadic Massive site, conflict please, simulating dysfunction, expecting email, planes to spheres, Pew Internet survey, so long Manchester, breeding - multiprocessor style, Noble Ape site hacked, winding out, no old comics for you, how big is ALife, location vs identity, leaving Wilmslow, slow updates

January 2005

Moving, Nomadic Massive, John Safran, Or(c/k)s, Pew Internet, Darwin@Home, Log Numbers, Tom in LA, Tom with Hair,, Time Commanders Series Two, Planet Noble Ape, Barbalet (sic) in White Dwarf, Dreaming of Poutine, Shia Numbers, Darwin and Conflict

December 2004

CHUD, Tammy Haye - MIA, Commission Mission, Isolation, Bunker - a Doll's House for Toy Soldiers, Time Commanders - Part II, WeFunk in Switzerland, Orks in Space, Death of Good Software, Tammy Haye - MIA Part II, Top 10 for the year

November 2004

Fred returns, Source Log musing, Plastic Games Workshop, KRU, Fireworks, Dwarf Wars orcs, Noble Ape forum, NYU 2000 talk, XP RAM, digital footprint, Future of logtrack, Boarbikes, NoPod, WeFunk - Static to Static, Kirill and Fred Reed mastery, another mailout

October 2004

Games Day 2004, classic army, WeFunk Show 350, eBay, snaps from WeFunk Show 350, whois in control, Tom in jeans, Nomadic Massive - Canada/Cuba, Noble Warfare source release, Howling Griffons and Fred Reed, 'Are you from United Utilities?', lost in translation, Kirill snaps

September 2004

Commission FAQ, Tammy Haye MIA, Classic WeFunk, Walk into Work - the music video, filling voxels on the human body, artists, Goodies vs Chaos, here comes the sun, bunnies over Baghdad, brown Steel Legion

August 2004

Gurap on music production, WeFunk in Memphis, Teutonic Knights, Putting things together, VC++ #if but why, Kev Adams commission, scores of Fred Reed's finest, Battle building, new Warhammer 40k rulebook, Recreationists and rugby

July 2004

Loe Pesci, Tammy Haye, Fahrenheit 911, Polymorphic Sound (Pt I), Noble Warfare, Loe's Email, Liverpool, Warmaster/Warhammer Ancients books, Chris Blair's painting skill, Polymorphic Sound (Pt II)

June 2004

Butta Beats online, Claire Bowern, Fred Reed classics part CVII, Reagan and World War II, regulars, MagWeb, WeFunkShow 333, Fred Reed classics part CVIII, Kant (Generator) Yet, Noble Warfare screenshots, Tesco Online focus group

May 2004

Beats for Butta, Pay Me For Your Spam, Open Source License change, versioning in game development, war without war-crime, picture, Kant generator, Snoozable Hype, AI in games, Logtrack vs HTML

April 2004

Getting Economics in Order vs Life, Wired's Demographic, Iraq, WeFunk live, biggest mistake, series of links, Butta recording session, Mailouts through history

March 2004

Independent hobby stores - the smell, Death of email Correspondence, Goffik Rokkers, trojans, Weblog Comments - Jackin' for Bucks, audio samples, the Age of the Rip-off, Willi Winter, Noble Warfare, Crumb, Mridul P photo, WeFunk funding drive photos, Fred Reed, Google arrogance.

February 2004

Trafford Centre, walk into work, concepts in programming, Polar Bear, Justin Hall, Fred Reed, Smokin' Slug, tapes from Australia, So Long Sourceforge, Something for Valentine's Day, Grey Album, collection of Shed and Khem Vall photos, different terrain for Ocelot, WeFunk, Flip Flop on da Hip Hop, Tom in da Shed, usual Mailout discussion

January 2004

New Year, WeFunk branded funk, art inspires development, Reconstructing Yoof, Degenerative Musings on Internet Publication, Guest Painters, US Orcs, IEEE Article, iLife - Get A Life, Cold Turkey from Email, Idealism over Capitalism (aka the Wife's New PC), DC Talk in Chester, Total War Addiction, Stalking Mr Frosty Mug, Wall of Spam, So-Long, Australian Music - no seriously

September - December 2003 2 Mb PDF file (viewable through Adobe Acrobat)

December 2003

Christmas lights, Non-Metallic Metal (NMM), email - emotions, open source, weblog numbers, calling WeFunk, minds over email, Dave Kerr, Larry Leadhead, donation driven open source, Netherlord, ethic of wargames, documentation vs fluff, identity theft, sad muppet society, emotion of continous selling, night before Christmas, Paris Hilton vs the animal, US orcs, dreaming reality, Mailout and postage

November 2003

eBay stories (many), Ocelot for Windows, Noble Warfare Simulation, Ben Price's Games Workshop studio army, Tom as a Southpark character, Mridul P as a Southpark character, more fine figures from Fred Reed, Fireworks, Christmas online, CoolMiniOrNot (many), Crumb and California, the Netherlord, PDFs of the Log, Black Tree Design, Webhost Moving, Self Identity Narrative, Mole Juice, Mailout

October 2003

No alcohol, Playstation I, Wife Swap, Time Commanders, eBay, Muddy Lane, Dr Aryeh Nusbacher, Prince August, WeFunk Radio, White Paper, Haxwell, Professor Groove, Voltra-Funk, Chilan, Butta Beats, Lead, More Lead, Butta Beats Photos, Books on eBay, Noble War, Mikey Kawick

September 2003

New land format for Noble Ape Simulation, Why I Left Australia, Osama, No Logic Life, Slowing Down the Hobby, WeFunk Communication, IEEE Article

May - August 2003 0.8 Mb PDF file (viewable through Adobe Acrobat)

August 2003

Space Orks, miniature archives, Finger Lickin' Good, Will Reichelt, GW Trafford RIP, WWDC seen, Alex 'Gurap' Brooks, GDCE

July 2003

Apple code, Jason Della Rocca, Ken Deaton, Galt MacDermot, If I Ran Noble Ape - I'd Rewrite History, Favourite WeFunk shows, Lyme Park, IPR Committee, Long Suffering Imperial Guard, Two Favourite Quotes, Good Comment on Versiontracker, Linux mags vs Mac mags, Cantor Fitzgerald pimping WTC, Justin 'Fred' Reed

June 2003

Jason Dill, Recoding for Columbine, Apple/WWDC/Noble Ape et al, Hoover, Big Naz/Eminem, IGDA IPR Committee, Woz/Case/Romero, White Dwarf, Imperial Guard, Scripting the Noble Ape Simulation

May 2003

Logtrack update, Dave Kerr/aiplanet, Justin Hall naked/money issues, Gen Kanai's weblog, Noble Ape development doc, n2 mailing list downfall, WeFunk Radio, Brian Wiles, Noble Ape 0.660, Geneva font, Windows, wandering and open source, Turing's Tacticians, Vietnam, progressional membership remorse, Ideology Recode, Ian Kitajima on iON, Is it Butta, the Wireless revolution

January - April 2003 1.2 Mb PDF file (viewable through Adobe Acrobat)

April 2003

Controversial log entries, Sopranos/Digital TV, IGDA IPR Committee, Stirling/Edinburgh, Libraries, Weapons of Mouse Destruction, Hyperlogging, Creatures, More Logs from the Damned, UKHistory, Sourceforge, Windows GPI, Spam - the Legitimate Business???, One Year of Logging, the Webloggers Party - We're Not Invited, Conferences, the Noble Ape Developer Mailing List

March 2003

Noble Ape 0.659, info-mac, jargon free website, Sourceforge - working around it, comp14.c, writing books, the US$27 million man, working with Google, Imperial Guard sites, WeFunk Radio, press release, SEUL-EDU, BBC Radio 4, Gurap, spam, al-Jazeera

February 2003

More IGDA, development in solitude, the Barbalets go to Nottingham, moving to, mystery Nervana box, Mr Real Networks, Terry Jones on George Bush, Bush on Saddam, Eddie Murphy - Stevie Wonder IS a musical genius, Noble Ape - the chore

January 2003

Introduction, AI online, childhood memories, renaming the Nervana Project to Noble Ape, IGDA committee, Games Workshop, old miniatures