Monday, 09:40 pm, 05 December 2005

I received a stunning package in the post today from Malek Qtaish. Absolutely stunning. Two Moroccan shirts and a series of artifacts and photographs. Click on the highlighted images to zoom in. The best thing I have received in the mail for a number of years. Very insightful.

Both Malek and my father seem to have the same taste in gift books. I don't know what it says about the gift recipient! I included my black cover copy in the photo of the artifacts above too.

Before the parcel unwrapping session which I did with Michele - she's a huge fan of Malek's philosophical emails - we went out for dinner. Michele was quizzing me about my contribution to the WeFunk 400th show. On my end of the telephone call, she wondered what credibility some dude who tunes in internationally would have on the show. The outro from Show 400 explains all. In fact, it makes me wonder the use of minor key sign-offs. I always find them uncharacteristically depressing. Up tempo sign-offs are always preferable.

Good night.

Sunday, 03:10 pm, 04 December 2005

I have been tinkering with Noble Warfare over the past couple of evenings. My aim is to simulation the more futile wars. The two that come to mind in particular are the English Civil War and the First World War. Both these wars seem to be largely constructed by ruling elites to play toy soldiers with lives for limited contemporary reason.

I'm sure at the time national pride would have seemed a legitimate reason to enlist in the First World War, but in reflection is just seemed like the last hurray of Imperial Europe pushing bodies and metal together for outdated idea(l)s.

In a contemporary context, knowing about the hypocrisy of Parliament - although in no way a Royalist - the English Civil War seems to be a pressure cooker conflict driven by ego rather than basis. Of course the War of the Roses is equally simulate-able as a futile war of a slightly earlier period. Bosworth would provide a number of interesting simulation aspects.

What is the interest in futile wars? There is no glamour and thus no/very few existing simulations/games.

The benefit of Noble Warfare is the engine remains the same for these ECW/WoR period. It might need some tuning for WWI. In any case, the difference is creating the related unit information with the Noble Warfare battle file information. I'm thinking of including a series of battle file unit examples for Noble Warfare. I don't think it will propagate the software - because of the current interface - but it will be a good personal testbed.

Good afternoon.

Saturday, 08:00 pm, 03 December 2005

I have been thinking about re-writing a platform neutral definition for initialise, cycle and conclude that would set up windows, menus etc and utilise them to move some of the platform independent code that is currently included in the platform specific section of my various developments. It would make writing cross platform code a lot easier if the basis for each cross platform implementation.

Part of the logic to this is some of the disparity between GCC and VC++ compilation. Not to mention the delta between GCC compilation and Codewarrior.

Sadly Codewarrior appears to have disappeared from the Mac development stage since the announcement of the Mac INTEL shift. But I have a thought, suppose I reduce the platform specific code dramatically and generated a VC++ compiled INTEL Noble Ape library. This library would be platform independent and allow for a thin platform specific compilation. XCode would create the additional code for Mac and not suffer any of the bloat problems associated with compiling the code over a majority of the code base, and the Windows version could compile the minimal additional code too. This theory should work for Linux too if the VC++ compiled library is truly platform independent.

With the adoption of a single chip architecture for desktop computing in the next year, it will be interesting to see if this library method could work.

Good night.

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