Saturday, 10:00 am, 03 December 2005

Another release of the Noble Ape Simulation - this version with the weather simulation first developed in 2000/2001.

Good morning!

Friday, 11:00 pm, 02 December 2005

Tuning in to the WeFunk Show 400. The suspense was built by not announcing any MCs at the start. Groove and Static indicated that perhaps no one would show. I contacted Loe Pesci yesterday and reminded him about the show. It could be a very flat show if Loes or Butta doesn't show. Narcy would be a nice addition too.

New month, clean slate. Many ideas.

From Last Month...

I tried to write a couple of entries towards the end of last month on a couple of different issues.

I updated the music page with a video clip of me uber rapping for lip syncing of a digitised Noble Ape circa 1999. I like the black and white effect and Michele found it hilarious. I like to bring the professionalism of the site back into line with my own sense of the professionalism of the development.

Last month's mailout contained so much that I printed out a copy and went through it with a pen, making a number of edits, before I put it online. I normally write a throw away line about the mailout at the end of every month. This month's mailout contained a number of important points particularly on AdSense and the genetic effects of war. Ironically I got one unsubscription from it. A fellow who had subscribed when the BBC radio piece was aired - I remember a number of the mailout subscribers based on when they joined. Mridul thoroughly enjoyed the mailout, particularly the section about a typical 3d environment for Noble Ape.

Where Ever You Go...

From the mailout, I decided to combine the lesser known simulations of Noble Ape to a single page with the hope that these simulations would be either added to the Noble Ape Simulation, Noble Warfare or hybridise into something that used components from these developments - ideally the Noble Toolkit.

It worked wonders. Just putting the page together caused me to integrate the weather simulation into the Noble Ape Simulation. I'm planning on releasing the weather included version of the Simulation onto the site on Sunday. It's quite impressive.

Shooting the Electrons...

When I lived in the Shed, I had an internet connection and early hosting of the development that became Noble Ape. Nothing too fancy, but a reliable dial-up connection still gave me some good bartering for folks who were looking to check their hotmail accounts. I had experimented with internet relay chat and circa 1997 new chat clients were starting to come out which would become instant messenging.

I signed up for one of the early instant messenging (IM) clients - put in all my details and then logged in. Little did I know that my details would be made public. Within twenty four hours, everyone who had linked into this early IM client who had any remote connection with me, had added me to their guest book. I would go online and immediately my screen would fill with message dialogs from folks who wanted to chat or add some feedback on the early Simulation. It was insane.

I swore from that moment that I would not use instant messenging technology.

Email was more my pace.

For years I avoided instant messenging. Then we moved to the US and I realised that the new technology phenomenon had well and truly died down. I had a sufficient number of email addresses to link my name to a lesser used one. Who was Tom Barbalet anyway? I wasn't going to get messenge-mobbed again.

I signed up for an instant messenging client and run it as default start-up for about two months.

I have an address list of roughly thirty people. But slowly IM became something that would flood my online time. So I shut it off by default.

After two months of relatively quiet IM, I've started running it again when I have a free moment. It's useful to catch up with people in small segments. It makes me wonder if email will ever return as a means of really communicating with people. I still use email as my primary means of communicating with my parents but for almost all the other folks I keep in touch with, I use IM when I have a free moment.

Profound Moment

Before tuning in to WeFunk 400 (which currently about 2/3 of the way through hasn't featured a single freestyle), I was on Yahoo Music which presents some video music program-ability with depressingly inappropriate ads and even more completely inappropriate follow-on tracks if you are unable to find your next music video to play before the previous one ends.

I found a video by Moby and Public Enemy, Make Love _____ War.

My view on Iraq has completely changed in the past nine months thanks to a relatively traumatic family experience. I think that's probably the best way to put it. But the anti war movement seems totally alien to me now. Similarly the pro-initial war movement seems alien to me. I guess I am completely consumed by sadness on the situation. I don't see troop withdrawal doing anything currently and I find the lack of evolution in the anti-war movement alienating.

I guess, in part, I reflect on the Vietnam War and the lack of inclusivity in the anti-Vietnam war movement. The basic failings of this movement in sustaining any longterm credibility.

I see nothing in the current anti-war movement that explains what you do with a country with a completely decimated internal infrastructure. Troop withdrawal in these conditions seems naive. I guess I feel that there are no answers that resolve the current situation. I'm not seeing anything from either side.

So watching the Public Enemy video I thought to myself, how did I become so alienated from this situation.

No Pesci

Ten minutes until then end of Show 400, I've made my shout out call. Good chatting with Mike and Nick. But no sign of Loe Pesci. Butta put down some good lines.

Shout outs to the entire internet listeners of WeFunk!

Nick promised some images from video stills of the night. Not sure when it will be hitting the Log. Good night.

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