Regular Names on Barbalet's Log

Luna Barbalet (right)

Charlie found Luna near her birth-place at one month of age. Very under sized, we raised her like our own.

Michele and Charlie Barbalet (left)

My wife and dog respectively. This snap was taken around the time we first started dating in 2000.

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Mridul P (left)

Develops some Windows and Linux specific software for the Noble Ape Simulation and a frequent correspondent. I have never met Mridul.

Pedro Ferreira (right)

Pedro is the newest Noble Ape Simulation developer, following in Mridul P's footsteps in the implementation of a Linux version of Noble Ape. Pedro is an engineering student in Portugal. His interests bridge code development, issues of religion and philosophy. Most of my correspondence with Pedro (as with Mridul P, now) comes through messenger. I have never met Pedro although he rocks the Noble Ape threads.

Malek Qtaish

Jordanian farmer, expert user of the Noble Ape Simulation and a frequent correspondent. Malek is the Ludwig Wittgenstein of the Noble Ape Developer Mailing List. I have never met Malek.

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Can you make it to third?

Alex Brooks aka Gurap (left)

Childhood friend and early rap sparring partner. Alex is based in Sydney. I haven't seen him since 1999 although I receive occasional emails from him. As I knew him then (left) and as he is now (right).

Bruce Damer (right)

Bruce and I have been corresponding on Noble Ape and since about 1997. I met Bruce in February 2006.

Brian C. Wiles

Unlike many of the regulars, I have met Brian. I lived with him briefly in 1999-2000 during a heady start-up period. Brian runs the highly successful - home of the obscure classic. Here's a photo of Brian (right) and I at Las Vegas Airport in early July 2005.

Fred Reed aka Justin Reed

Master miniature painter and occasional sundry correspondent. Former employee of Games Workshop, now an independent figure painter and model terrain designer. Having corresponded with Fred since 2003, I met Fred at Games Day UK 2004 (I'm the dazed looking one). If you are interested in commission work, I have notes on the Noble Warfare art section. Fred now has an MSN Space for his work. I also maintain my own page of Fred Reed's stunning work.

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Professor Groove aka Nick Foster (left)

I have been a fan of Nick's work on Montreal's weekly WeFunk Radio since 2001 and I have been corresponding with him directly since 2002. I have never met Nick.

DJ Static aka Mike Lai (right)

I've been corresponding with Mike, the bringer of Hip Hop on WeFunk since 2004. I sent him some vinyl to fill a gulf in December 2004. I've never met Mike.

Butta Beats and Loe Pesci (right) appearing on the WeFunk 350th Show

Loe Pesci (real name unknown)

A semi regular voice on WeFunk, Loes is known for thirty minute freestyles on what ever topic enters his head. Loes first emailed me about a year or so ago about a review I did of his former group, Nine Majesty. Since then he has been a semi-regular correspondent, tracking the travels of Barbalet with some interest. I have never met Loes but here's his myspace page with tracks!

Butta Beats aka Nicolas Palacios-Hardy

I corresponded with Butta via Prof Groove through 2002-2003. We had a long distance colab project about a year ago. Not much has been done since then. Butta used to appear on WeFunk a lot more than he does now. I have never met Butta.

The freestyle sessions on WeFunk now appear to be exclusively connected with 50/100th shows and funding drives. Via old WeFunk Shows!

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